If you missed this Saturdays liquid breakfast show with LN4 you catch up right here, this weeks guest mix was from Drum Force 1 check it out!!

Chillax Trax Liquid Breakfast


K0be - Almost 
Orthodox - Simpler Times 
Lenzman - Empty Promise 
Lynx - Distance Zero 
Spective - Gettin' Down 
Drum Force 1 - With You 
Dekoi - Your Eyes 
Soul Connection - She Got Me On 
Hobzee & Zyon Base - Unspoken 
Londy - You & Me 
mSdoS - Marvel Cinema 
Flame & Innersoul - Keep On Falling 
Drum Force 1 - If You Don't Know
Drum Force 1 Guest Mix
Drum Force 1 - Saxed (Liquid Brilliants) 
Marky And Spy - Love Affair (Innerground) 
Dj Chap - Tell Me (Free Luv Disaster) 
Eveson - Still In Love (Progress) 
dRamatic And Dbaudio - Break From The Vacuum (Ingredients) 
MJT And Arp-1 - Last Call (GLR) 
Soul Connection - Blue Note (SDR) 
Mutt - Nice As Me (Nu Directions) 
DJ Skill - Spring Jazz (Liquid Brilliants) 
Euphorics - Smoke (Santorin) 
Flowrian - Wait For Me (GLR) 
Soul Connection - Shake You Down (TMG-Dub)
Crescent - Essence (Forthcoming on Chillax Trax) 
Kelle & Juha - Monochrome 
dRamatic & dbAudio - Fractual Harmony 
Amparo - Between You & I 
Blue Motion - To The Moon And Back 
Die & Jenna G - 1000 Soul Songs