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Remember the days when we thought paying for our TV service was ridiculous? “Cable TV!”, our mothers would exclaim, “Who has money to pay for their TV shows? It is been free all these years; I don’t know why I would start paying for it now. ”

But that was then and this is now. And so today we pay for cable or satellite and consider it a necessity in our lives, not a luxury. Sure, we could stick with “free” TV, but the reception would be bad, we’d only have 4-6 channels to choose from and there would be no CNN, no Food Network, and no ESPN. What would we do with ourselves?

So it seems a little reminder of those days when we hear people scoffing at the notion of paying for radio. “I’ve gotten it free all these years,” you hear people exclaim. “Why would I pay for radio?”

Although satellite radio services have been around for a few years, its notoriety was spun into high gear when Howard Stern publicly made the jump from “free” radio to a satellite service in early 2006. Now, everyone’s curious and many people are considering paying a bill every mo for the privilege of listening to the radio.

Just like cable TV, there are many proprietary shows on satellite radio you just will not hear if you don’t have a subscription. So you have to pony up to the extra bill bar…but what do you get for your extra dough?

Lots. Talk shows, music shows, entertainment, sports.

Some of the most talked about XM Satellite Radio shows are not music shows but talk shows. There are really more than a dozen to choose from.

Consider Air USA Radio (on channel 167), which features chatter from such well-known mouths as those belonging to Al Franken, Jerry Springer and actress Janeane Garofalo. Largely a progressive station, this dial also features veteran radio host Mark Riley and commentator Alan Colmes.

For the right slant on things, take a listen to USA Right (on channel 166). This program features shows from such luminary conservatives as G. Gordon Liddy, Peter Greenburg, Dr. Laura and Michael Medved.

If politics aren’t your bag, how about entertainment or humor? On XM Radio channel 162, you’ll find the E! channel. Yes, this is the same E! we pay for on cable and the format is generally the same. There’s the E! True Hollywood Story, E! news and celebrity profiles. Now you can get all your E! gossip and news while drinking Starbucks on your way to work. My, how the world has changed.

If you’re into sports, XM Radio delivers. There’s the Sporting News channel, the Nascar channel, the ESPN channel, and a wide variety of channels dedicated to various sports like baseball, football and even hockey. Though many channels feature talk and sports opinion, one of the big selling points for many sports fans is the live streaming games. In this case, you truly can take it with you.

Got kids in the car? Tune into Radio Disney or XM Kids, the winner of several parents’ choice awards.

Amid all this talk, there is music on XM Radio. Lots and lots of music. There are option music channels, top 40 channels, channels for 60s music, 70s music, 80s music and 90s music. Interested in music from Sweden and Ireland? Check out channel 29, or U-Pop, dedicated to hits from around the world. Needs any romance in your life? Turn your dial to The Heart (XM channel 23), where you can enjoy Whitney Houston, Michael Bolton, Celine Dion and the like.

Radio Online Free

HD Radio technology is the next big thing because it makes it makes FM stations sound nearly as good as if you were listening to a CD. The sound is just amazing – clean, pure and crystal-clear. It even enables AM stations to sound as good as an FM station today.

Let’s pretend you’re a sports talk radio fan. Just imagine how much better your experience will be when there’s no distortion, no annoying hiss, crackle, fade or static. It will be just like listening to your favorite AM station broadcast in FM.

And if music is your thing, you’ll love HD Radio technology even more because you’ll be able to hear music on your favorite classic or rock station in the clearest, cleanest, purest form ever available over the airways and, best of all, it is free. Most you have to do is buy a new radio.

In fact, this technology even makes it possible for your local stations to broadcast in true 5. 1 surround sound. Just imagine that. You turn on your favorite music station and you are immediately surrounded by sound — just as if you were sitting in your favorite concert hall.

HD Radio technology also makes possible something named multicasting that allows stations to broadcast two or more different signals simultaneously. So, your favorite oldies stations could be broadcasting music from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s – all at the same time!

More than 500 stations are already broadcasting in HD Radio technology. And HD radios are available for both the home and car.

So far, radio stations have not done much publicity on this exciting, new form of broadcasting but you can bet that will be changing in the near future.

Radio City Online

As we usher in the Year of the Pig, the divine beauty of the ancient East will come to life in NYC with the now legendary NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular! The 30-city world tour Spectacular will play at Radio City from February 14 – 17.

Featuring the ideal of Chinese culture and world-class performers, this unique show portrays genuine traditional Chinese culture and includes classical Chinese dance as well as various traditional dances. Performers have worked hard to emulate the musical style of the ancients–classical melodies filled with the power of compassion. Showcasing grand stage designs, hand-painted backdrops and authentic costuming from ancient Chinese Dynasties, the theme of Myths and Legends weaves a tale of the proverbial battle between good and evil through theatre, music and dance.

NTDTV’s main goal is to revive lost Chinese culture from the ancient past. As you may be aware, in 1949 when the Chinese Communist Party took power in China, its leaders did many things possible to sever the people from their 5,000-year-old culture. Everything moral and spiritual was suddenly uprooted from people’s lives–temples and buddhas were destroyed. The arts became a tool for fulfilling political aims, evoking the dark side of human nature. China’s folk music was used to serve the communist revolution.

Unfortunately, those born after 1949 have opened their eyes to a spiritual desert. They’re no longer familiar with their own heritage, which has been decimated and replaced with the communist-atheist model.

Judging by the growth and luck of the Chinese New Year Spectacular, now in its fourth year, I believe that NTDTV has lived up to its word. The Spectacular really does have the effect of removing the communist “wrapping paper” around the essence of traditional Chinese values and beauty. It is not surprising that the show ranked 7th on Billboard Magazine’s top 10 shows in Feb 2006 based on ticket sales for the 2006 shows at Radio City Music Hall.

The Spectacular is a delight to Chinese and Western audiences alike–a truly heartwarming event not to be missed. “The Chinese New Year Spectacular is the ideal show ever to appear on stage in North America,” said former member of Parliament Simma Holt. “I saw the show in Canada and I would often say to the Chinese Consulate officials, whoever made a statement saying that the show is political, the fact that some of the atrocities committed by the Chinese regime were re-enacted in the show is nothing unusual; interpretative dance is a feature of all good symphonies, operas and ballets. “

Internet Music

You get into the online music world. You’ve had this song playing in the back of your mind all day and now you’ve decided that you want to download it. You search for it specifically and find that there’s a site that is offering you exactly the song you want for free.

Most you had to do is give them your email. You download it. The next thing you know you have a pop up coming out every time you open your browser window.

You failed to notice all the signs that told you this was going to happen. The banners, the smiley ads, the popups, you just thought you could download it in a clean file.

This happens every day. This is what happens to many people that are looking to download music online. They fall prey to the illegal sources taking advantage of millions of people downloading music out there.

Fortunately people are smartening up and starting to notice that illegal downloads from dubious sites are something to stay away from from the beggining. They are starting to notice and become aware that these downloads sometimes can cost you many times the price of a of a single music file download and may be hazardous to your computer.

There are new alternatives to download music that are proven to be cost effective and can become a “one for all” kind of resource that you can turn to. Places where you can just search for that tune you want (the one that’s been on your head all day), point on it and download it without having to worry about getting a trojan virus just for doing so.

I highly recommend for the sake of your computer, your peace of mind and to avoid downloading bogus files, for you to be sure you download all your songs from a legal source that you can trust. There’s nothing better than having the confidence that when you open up an Mp3 file you just downloaded and knowing it’s going to play exactly what you had in mind.

When you do it like this, when you do it the smart way, it all becomes much simpler, more effective and a ride that you’ll want to repeat over and over again. That’s all there is to downloading music when you’re doing it right. Next thing you know you’re cranking your mp3’s on your computer you’re playing them as loud as you can.