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Our new server updates

As you may know we migrated to a new server? I have posted the details below:

We are doing a schedule maintenance coming up this Saturday 20th around 23:00 GMT Uk and will involve moving you to a new server. We had been talking about this for a little while now to some of you about upgrades to our internal server infrastructure and it is now actually taking place. Not that there is anything wrong with our current servers, as you have been on a server with solid performance and uptime but we are looking to increase our service levels to that of enterprise solutions and to do that we have to ensure our hardware is always up to par.

The new servers you will be moved to are quite advanced and use the latest hardware and performance technologies available. Below are the specs of the new servers being rolled out that will be replacing the current ones:



– Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620’s (24 Cores Now)
– 96-128GB DDR3 ECC Ram
– Supermicro Chassis, Motherboard, and Power Supplies
– Dual redundant power supplies
– True A + B power meaning an entire power grid for “A” could go out and server would still be operational on grid “B”
– 8 x Western Digital Enterprise Raid Class Drives that are hot swappable, meaning no downtime to replace a hard drive.
– Newest LSI raid card currently available, for superior performance
– 512GB SSD Caching, meaning all frequently accessed files, databases, etc are loaded from an enterprise SSD instead of standard hard drives for superior performance and read/write speeds.
– Servers are now on 1Gbps ports as well, no longer 100Mbps.

This will allow us to offer increased reliability and performance, its really quite an improvement and very exciting.

It doesn’t stop there though, currently the old site was  hosted and located in a Tier 2 datacenter in the UK and now it has  been moved to a Tier 4 datacenter along with a larger backbone network internally which will make DDOS attacks much easier to deal with and mitigate.

Regarding The Move:

The move servers will start around Saturday 20th around 23:00 GMT Uk, as you will be moving to a new IP and that the current server will be staying online, we expect you to have a bit downtime  on your end. We first moved the server, change the main IP of the new server to our new IP, reset the root  password, along with all DNS zones. We will then update  account with the new IP and details.

Also keep an eye out for another post soon regarding quite a few new features we are adding to our service along with our new site. It’s a great time to be  on the up! Thank you for your patients during this move and we are excited to hear your feedback once all is complete.