1. Jazz night : 
Kicking off the Jazz night Ep from Staytment, Soul Flex Digitals latest member is a bassy roller. Soulful from the start. With all the right ingredients to make this a liquid great.
2. Melting Pot : 
Absolute amazing liquid track again from Staytment. Atmospheric soundscapes, vocals and an amazing snare, building up into a rolling bassline track. Great production from the Statement
3. Beautiful : 
Beautiful is a bouncy roller from Staytment. Lively rhodes, piano rifts and vocal leads into a deep but sooth bass. Layered tramen breaks gives it a dancefloor feel yet keeping it deep and soulful.
4. A Rhythmical Sketch : 
Last track on the Jazz Night Ep, and what a stonker it is. Crispy beats, funky stabs, bouncy bass...A real funky liquid roller for the real heads.
(Please note the tracks posted here are un-mastered / The mastered Versions will be posted closer to the release date)
Released by: Soul Flex Digital 
Release/catalogue number: SFD0005

Deep DnB Sessions Show – Good Looking Records Special pt 2

Here is the latest installment of the Deep DnB Sessions Show – Good Looking Records Special pt 2. Download or playback …..

1. LTJ Bukem: Switch # Good Looking Records
2. Funky Technicians: Airtight (Furney Remix) # CIA
3. Intersperse: True # Looking Good Records
4. Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith: Planet Saturn # Good Looking Records
5. Makoto: Sky High # Good Looking Records
6. Makoto: Travelstar # Good Looking Records
7. Makoto ft MC Conrad: Golden Girl # Good Looking Records
8. Laroque: Sublime Intervention # Looking Good Records
9. Universal: Live Session # Looking Good Records
10. Odyssey: Expressions # 720˚

Deep DnB Sessions vol. 23

Here is the latest instalment of Deep DnB Sessions vol. 23 mixed by Dj Essef recorded live on Liquid Sessions Radio 
1. dRamatic & dbAudio: Life Console # Ingredients
2. Villem & Madcap: Inflated Tear (Madcaps 12" Remix) # Good Looking
3. Submorphics: Cosmic Blue # Good Looking
4. Phat Playaz: 1 Bar Loop # StoreJam
5. Furney & Locksmith: So High # Good Looking
6. Paul SG & Altitude: Stay Strong # Good Looking
7. Arp-1 & MJT: Invisible Man # Good Looking
8. Paul T, Roy Green & Protone: In The Groove # Alignment
9. Funky Technicians: Airtight (Furney Remix) # CIA
10. Furney: Happy Alone # Soul Deep
11. Blade: The Little House # Telluric
12. Paul T & Survival: Gong # Good Looking
13. Scott Allen & Deeper Connection: Vision Quest # Good Looking
14. Flowrian & Deeper Connection: Nightlife Avenue # Good Looking
15. dRamatic & dbAudio: Kaleidoscope # Liquid V

Conspire – Perception Beatz – Sept 1st 2013

Thank you as always to all that tuned in to Conspire Perception Beatz, some real deep vibes today in the show, i hope you agree.

01 - How You Move Me - Lynx & Hellrazor
02 - Everyday Fantasy - Lynx
03 - Aquafunk - Phatplayaz
04 - Damascus - Zero T
05 - Clockwork - Phatplayaz
06 - Free - Blade
07 - Shady Pastimes - Lynx & Hellrazor
08 - Ponderosa - DBridge ft Calibre
09 - Soapbox - Phatplayaz
10 - Lost In Sub-Conscious - SoulTec & Flowrian
11 - Gun Slinger - SoulTec
12 - Pillow Talk - Phatplayaz
13 - Personal - Phatplayaz
14 - Session One Take Two - SoulTec
15 - Jackoff - Calibre
16 - Why Time - Calibre
17 - Ugly Duckling - Calibre
18 - Losing Ground - Mistical
19 - For The Rebels - Lynx
20 - Hate To Love You - Phatplayaz
21 - Easyglide - Calibre
22 - You Got Me Sugar - SoulTec
23 - Mr Majestic - Calibre & High Contrast
24 - 5am Soul City - Lynx
25 - Chess Funk - Lynx
26 - Spectre (Version 2) - Lynx

Chillax Trax Liquid Breakfast (w/ Crescent)

Chillax Trax Liquid Breakfast (w/ Crescent)
If you missed last week's show, you can can catch up right here....................Chillax Trax Liquid Breakfast (w/ Crescent) LN4
Anth M Feat. Nori - Passion (Forthcoming on Chillax Trax 002, Available to buy from 31st Aug)
 Dan Guidance - Day Dreamer
 Blastikz - Close Your Eyes
 Changing Faces - Everything Is Gone (Basik Remix)
 Tremour & Identified - The Sun
 Vector & Macca - Adrift
 SoulFusion - The Periphery Of Love
 Telex - Shanghai Horizon
 FlashBackFM & Western Sea - Last Days Of Summer
Crescent Guest Mix
B Complex - Three Dots
 Bachelors of Science - Morning Sun (feat. Smote & Maria Remos)
 Blackmill - Don't Let Me Down (feat. Cat Martin)
 Maduk - Never Again
 ENiGMA Dubz & Tuff Culture - Nex
 Indivision - My Belief
 S.P.Y - Future Tense (feat. Jo's)
 Temple Cloud - One Big Family (Hybid Minds Bootleg)
 Netsky - Get Away From Here (feat. Selah Sue)
 MRSA - Chemicals
 Youngman - Who Knows (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Full Vocal Remix)
 Matrix & Chords - Hypnotize

Conspire – Perception Beatz AUG 25th 2013

Conspire - Perception Beatz AUG 25th 2013 Today Perception Beatz for Download.Thanks to everyone that tuned in
01 - Some Jazz Notes - SoulTec
02 - Just Once - SoulTec
03 - Believe In Love - Solotek & AL Pack
04 - Blues City - SoulTec
05 - In The Shadows - Bcee & Bladerunner
06 - Soul 1.2 - Soulstructure & Blade
07 - Imagine No Longer - Flowrian
08 - Electric - Paul SG
09 - Genisis Project-Intense - Jrumhand Booty
10 - The Little House - Blade
11 - Sweet Sundays - Paul SG & Jay Rome
12 - Lead The Way - SoulTec
13 - Vision Quest - Scott Allen & Deeper Connection
14 - Sacrifice - Scott Allen 
15 - Heating Up - Malaky
16 - Cant Take That - Decon
17 - Invisible Man - ARP-1 & MJT
18 - Rareties - Decon
19 - Always Dancing - dRamatic & dbAudio
20 - So High - Furney & Locksmith
21 - Fatal Attraction - Bcee & Bladerunner
22 - 2100 - Airstrike
23 - A Drum A Bass & A Piano - Madcap Rmx
24 - Only You - dRamatic & dbAudio Rmx
25 - Jack - Calibre Rmx
26 - Life Forms - Narkotix

Liquid Sessions halloween party

Dubsta Drumnbass
23 August at 16:39 · Like · 2

Lrm Aka-lilrorymilla Nice art work
23 August at 16:48 via mobile · Like · 2

Royston Pmx Line up coming soon.
23 August at 16:57 via mobile · Like · 3

Danielle Foster Djmissfortune Looking tasty already !
23 August at 17:01 via mobile · Like · 3

Dubsta Drumnbass fancy dree halloween theme ???
23 August at 17:11 · Like · 2

Dubsta Drumnbass dress
23 August at 17:11 · Like

Royston Pmx Yes we did one last year, great fun
23 August at 17:12 via mobile · Like · 3

CloserMusic Dnb Roy’s going as a zombie dermot o’ Leary
23 August at 17:14 via mobile · Like · 3

Graham Little hahaha
23 August at 17:17 · Like · 1

Royston Pmx And his going as private pile zombie
23 August at 17:19 via mobile · Like · 3

Danielle Foster Djmissfortune Oh boys , play nicely haha Dubsta it was a right laugh last year , DJing in fancy dress is an extra challenge lol x
23 August at 17:26 via mobile · Like · 2

Caroline Simone hahahahahahah may be they should be naked then
23 August at 17:28 · Like · 2

Danielle Foster Djmissfortune Haha yeh that would def put a new , erm , ‘angle ‘ on DJing , lol
23 August at 17:29 via mobile · Like

Caroline Simone hahahahaha I mean all this ‘talk’ about certain tracks and the impact they have on errrrrrrm certain body parts ….
23 August at 17:31 · Like

Dubsta Drumnbass thats mine sorted LOL
Dubsta Drumnbass’s photo.
23 August at 17:34 · Like · 2

Caroline Simone OMG hahahahahahahahaha
23 August at 17:41 · Like

Caroline Simone hahahahahahaha
23 August at 17:41 · Like

Lrm Aka-lilrorymilla Lmao …superb
23 August at 17:46 via mobile · Like

Dubsta Drumnbass hahahahaha
23 August at 18:03 · Like

CloserMusic Dnb Hahahahahaha class!
23 August at 18:09 via mobile · Like

CloserMusic Dnb @ Roy – fuck you maaaaan
23 August at 18:10 via mobile · Like · 1

Dubsta Drumnbass it was that or a jimmy saville lol
23 August at 18:10 · Like

Caroline Simone defo lynched then
23 August at 18:11 · Like

Dubsta Drumnbass Yeah I wouldn’t have got far wearing a rucanor shell suit lol
23 August at 18:15 via mobile · Like

Graham Little lmao! all levels of wrongness!
23 August at 18:15 · Like · 1

CloserMusic Dnb That would be class too lol
23 August at 18:16 via mobile · Like

CloserMusic Dnb You do that & ill go as Gary glitter lol
23 August at 18:16 via mobile · Like

Dubsta Drumnbass LOL……might as well go the whole hog and do a school disco in rom two then LOL
23 August at 18:29 · Like · 1

Caroline Simone and the rest have to be little girls n boys .. that is just to wrong
23 August at 18:30 · Like · 1

Chillax Trax Liquid Breakfast with guest mix Drum Force 1

If you missed this Saturdays liquid breakfast show with LN4 you catch up right here, this weeks guest mix was from Drum Force 1 check it out!!

Chillax Trax Liquid Breakfast


K0be - Almost 
Orthodox - Simpler Times 
Lenzman - Empty Promise 
Lynx - Distance Zero 
Spective - Gettin' Down 
Drum Force 1 - With You 
Dekoi - Your Eyes 
Soul Connection - She Got Me On 
Hobzee & Zyon Base - Unspoken 
Londy - You & Me 
mSdoS - Marvel Cinema 
Flame & Innersoul - Keep On Falling 
Drum Force 1 - If You Don't Know
Drum Force 1 Guest Mix
Drum Force 1 - Saxed (Liquid Brilliants) 
Marky And Spy - Love Affair (Innerground) 
Dj Chap - Tell Me (Free Luv Disaster) 
Eveson - Still In Love (Progress) 
dRamatic And Dbaudio - Break From The Vacuum (Ingredients) 
MJT And Arp-1 - Last Call (GLR) 
Soul Connection - Blue Note (SDR) 
Mutt - Nice As Me (Nu Directions) 
DJ Skill - Spring Jazz (Liquid Brilliants) 
Euphorics - Smoke (Santorin) 
Flowrian - Wait For Me (GLR) 
Soul Connection - Shake You Down (TMG-Dub)
Crescent - Essence (Forthcoming on Chillax Trax) 
Kelle & Juha - Monochrome 
dRamatic & dbAudio - Fractual Harmony 
Amparo - Between You & I 
Blue Motion - To The Moon And Back 
Die & Jenna G - 1000 Soul Songs

Deep DnB Sessions Show – Guest Mix By Soul Connection

Here is the latest installment of the Deep DnB Sessions Show – Guest Mix By Soul Connection  recorded live download it now

1. Soul Connection - All The Way # Textures Music Dub 
2. Static & Scott Allen - Eastern Horizon # Celsius Recordings 
3. Furney - I Vous Ne Manquez # Dub 
4. Dramatic And Dbaudio - Hidden Aspect # Ingredients Records 
5. SoulTec - Baby Its You # Dub 
6. Aquasion - Horizons Of The Past # Dub 
7. Phat Playaz & Cosmology - 3 Phases # Fokuz Recordings 
8. Flaco - Thunder # Vibration Records 
9. Soul Connection - Deep Talkin # Dub 
10. Soul Connection - Shake You Down # Textures Music Dub 
11. Soul Connection - Soultrane # Textures Music Dub 
12. Soul Connection - Motions # Soul Deep Recordings Dub 
13. Soul Connection - You Make Me Feel # Textures Music Dub

Conspire – Perception Beatz| June 2nd 2013 Pt1

Here is the latest edition of Perception Beatz recorded live on Liquid Sessions Radio Uk!! Thanks To ...
Everyone that tuned in...
01-Running - Calibre - Signature 
02-Unspoken - Intersoul - Soul Deep 
03-Vibrate - Malaky - Fokuz 
04-Summer Smiles - Phatplayaz - Fokuz 
05-In Your Eyes - Intersoul - Soul Deep 
06-Silent Echoes - MJT - Soul Deep 
07-No1 Else - Blade - Dub 
08-Keep Control - Calibre - Signature 
09-Licks & Snares - Al Pack ft Dizgotic - Dub 
10-Jazz Talk - Phatplayaz - Dub 
11-The Teacher - Paul SG - Rotation 
12-The Outlaw - Intersoul - Soul Deep 
13-I'll Make It Better - Jaybee - Soul Deep

Paul SG – The Teacher / Kosato RD019


Out now!! Digital Worldwide Rotation UK ©  Paul SG - The Teacher  Paul SG feat. Carter - Kosato
Supported By **LTJ Bukem **
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RotationUK  Twitter: http://twitter.com/rotationuk  Soundcloud: Rotation UK ©  YouTube: http://youtube.com/rotationrecordingsuk
Released by: Rotation Deep UK ©  Release/catalogue number: RD020 Release date: May 27, 2013

Chillax Trax Liquid Breakfast Show with guest mix from Dreamworkers

Stream back, kick back, and enjoy. Chillax Trax Liquid Breakfast with guest mix recorded by Dreamworkers.

Kicking of with the show, is YA! Host: 
Mr Fujiwiji - Fire Inside (Shux Remix) 
Lavance - Crossed Minds 
Blastikz - Be The One 
Mediks Ft. Astronaut - Blown Away (Koscy Remix) 
Rhys - Open (Keeno Remix) 
Dreamworkers - Twilight 
Philth Ft. Sinal - Catharsis 
Paul SG Ft. Carter - Kosato 
Marcio Mouse - Minas 
Humanature - Introspection 
Treex - Smooth Happenin 
Koschy - Stars 
Chromantis - Watcha Cryin 4 (T:Base Remix)
Mini Mix recorded by 
Unexplored World a.k.a. M.ETIS - Dreamworkers - Twilight vs Evasion - Silence is Too Much MashUp 
Gerwin & Nuage - Back In The Moments 
Spyre feat. Teena - No Way Out 
Rake - Sweet Dream 
Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (Dreamworkers bootleg) 
Calibre - Open Your Eyes 
Intelligent Manners - Close My Eyes 
Dreamworkers - Kikinex 
Flowrian - Wait For Me 
Honey T & Dreamworkers - April 
Nelver - Memories Of You 
Stasis - Indigo (Comfort Remix) 
Nu:Logic - Halflight 
Phors - Holding On 
Technimatic - Unfinished Business
Part 2 of the LN4 show
Feint - Lonesong 
Submatik - Firefly 
Sub Focus Ft. Alex Clare - Endorphins(Sub Focus Vs. Fred V & Grafix Remix) 
Killi J - Ignite (Forthcoming Chillax Trax) 
Tokyo & Dreamz - For Our Future (Forthcoming Chillax Trax) 
Lavance - Clouds 
Ferry Corsten - Love Will (Audiobot Bootleg) 
Wenca - When The Battle Begins

Chillax Trax Liquid Breakfast Show

Stream back the last installment of  the Chillax Trax Liquid Breakfast Show on Liquid Sessions Radio, with special guest mix by Anth M
You can catch weekly, every Saturday morning  from 10am till 12:00 Gmt Uk
Bringing you the finest Liquid Vibes to start your Saturday with a bang!


TELLURIC RECORDINGS and digital download hub STOREJAM have recently teamed up for a competition that lets aspiring producers take a stab at remixing the title cut from TELLURIC artist PHAT PLAYAZ's album 'HATE TO LOVE YOU"
The 1st place entry remixer will win a cash prize as well as an official release of their remix; the runner-up will take home various merchandise.
Starting WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, 2013, entrants will be able to download the parts/stems of 'HATE TO LOVE YOU' from both the TELLURIC RECORDINGS and STOREJAM websites.
Competition deadline ends: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19, 2013
Best of luck and we look forward to hearing your remixes!


Deep DnB Sessions Guest Mix By SoulStructure

 1) Tidal - Morality Engine (Odyssey Recordings)
 2) SoulStructure - The Writer (www.storejam.com)
 3) LTJ Bukem - Music (Tecnicolour Rework) (Goodlooking)
 4) SoulStructure - Origin (Goodlooking dub)
 5) Aquasky - Dezires (Marky & Bungle Remix) (Bingo)
 6) Tidal, Bass'Flo & Jay Le Roc - Uncertain Future (Rotation Deep Records)
 7) Phat Playaz - PFM Journey (Binary Soul Records)
 8) Broken Tonic - Happy Valley (Unsigned dub)
 9) SoulStructure & Blade - Soul 1.2 (Unsigned dub)
 10) Nookie - A Drum, A Bass & A Piano (Furney Remix) (Phuzion dub)
 11) Blade & Kwon De Ri - Emothional Sounds (One7Six)
 12) Redeyes - The Days Of Wine & Roses (Free DL)
 13) Nookie - The Eclipse (Furney Remix) (Phuzion dub)
 14) Locksmith - Foreverness (AMA Sounds)
 15) Brothers With Soul - Music Is So Special (Mystic Moods)
 16) DJ Crystl - Meditation (Deejay Recordings)
 17) Parallel Worlds - Tear Into It (Goodlooking)
 18) Spotless - She Showed, She Smiled (Outsider)

Chillax Trax Liquid Breakfast with special guest Blueprint

This week with special guest mix by Blueprint


Get locked onto the Chillax Trax Liquid Breakfast Show

on Liquid Sessions Radio  Saturday from 10 AM to 12 PM GMT UK

Bringing you finest Liquid D&B to start your Saturday with a bang!



Based in the United States, Blueprint began djing in 2004 making his way through AM, FM and internet radio only to take the next logical step into producing shortly thereafter. With various drum and bass releases across numerous labels and even releasing some dubstep along the way, Blueprint has carved his own soulful yet deep sound in each genre. The future looks bright for this mover and shaker in the drum and bass scene.

The Sunday Sessions with Closer Music & LRM

Ez all, massive show lined up for this Sunday Sessions on Liquid Sessions Radio, this is all commencing on the 12th of May

with the Full Circles dnb line up:

You can catch the one like Closer Music  alongside the one they call the  LRM alongside DJ reaction

Backing up this emence collaboration, you got the one and only MC PM Pushing the deep loud and clear

harmony across your airwaves !!

You can also catch the head honcho PMX  chucking his spanner into the works (As if it didn’t get any dam messier)


Make sure you get yourself’s locked onto Liquidsessionsradio.co.uk/chatroom

How life started out

As you can see its based on the Twenty Ten theme, and as the build progressed, the site was combined with the powerful Bootstrap, which gave it that wide feel also the site is fully responsive.


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Our new server updates

As you may know we migrated to a new server? I have posted the details below:

We are doing a schedule maintenance coming up this Saturday 20th around 23:00 GMT Uk and will involve moving you to a new server. We had been talking about this for a little while now to some of you about upgrades to our internal server infrastructure and it is now actually taking place. Not that there is anything wrong with our current servers, as you have been on a server with solid performance and uptime but we are looking to increase our service levels to that of enterprise solutions and to do that we have to ensure our hardware is always up to par.

The new servers you will be moved to are quite advanced and use the latest hardware and performance technologies available. Below are the specs of the new servers being rolled out that will be replacing the current ones:



– Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620’s (24 Cores Now)
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– Dual redundant power supplies
– True A + B power meaning an entire power grid for “A” could go out and server would still be operational on grid “B”
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– Newest LSI raid card currently available, for superior performance
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– Servers are now on 1Gbps ports as well, no longer 100Mbps.

This will allow us to offer increased reliability and performance, its really quite an improvement and very exciting.

It doesn’t stop there though, currently the old site was  hosted and located in a Tier 2 datacenter in the UK and now it has  been moved to a Tier 4 datacenter along with a larger backbone network internally which will make DDOS attacks much easier to deal with and mitigate.

Regarding The Move:

The move servers will start around Saturday 20th around 23:00 GMT Uk, as you will be moving to a new IP and that the current server will be staying online, we expect you to have a bit downtime  on your end. We first moved the server, change the main IP of the new server to our new IP, reset the root  password, along with all DNS zones. We will then update  account with the new IP and details.

Also keep an eye out for another post soon regarding quite a few new features we are adding to our service along with our new site. It’s a great time to be  on the up! Thank you for your patients during this move and we are excited to hear your feedback once all is complete.